5 Tasty Tips for Food Photography

Food photography has become a huge craze now that digital cameras, smartphones, and social media websites have become every day, routine tools for most of us. But you don’t have to be involved in the food industry or a professional photographer in order to take truly tasty looking food shots. With our huge inventory of rent to own cameras and convenient monthly payment plans, anyone can do it! Ask about our Canon camera financing plans and take home a new Canon camera today. 

Here's a list of our 5 Tastiest Tips for shooting the best food and drink photos:

Utilize Natural Light
The natural blend of light and shadows will bring a nice depth and illumination to your photos. Be careful to avoid direct sunlight as it’s usually too bright and can bleach out a photo instead.

Embrace Imperfections
Spills, lipstick on a coffee mug, a crumpled up napkin; all of these small and sometimes unnoticed details will add to the appeal of your unique photos.

Neutral Backgrounds
You want the viewer to focus on the food and not the surroundings. If you’re taking photos on the go, say in a crowded restaurant, you always have the option to blur the background as well.

Add a Human Element
Include an individual's arm or hand in your shot. This will show that the food or drinks are not just for visual appreciation, but meant to be enjoyed by others. 

Whole & Portion Shots
People really love shots that show both the whole item, and portions, like a delicious slice from a big moist cake. These images stimulate the viewer’s desire to eat what’s pictured.

When you take food photos, your main goal is to make the viewer feel like they're in front of the food and that they can just eat it all up. If you’re able to make people feel this way, then you can rest assured, you're definitely taking some tasty food photos! Now that you're a know it all, you just need to find the perfect lease to own camera.

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