Apple Computer Financing

Financing an Apple Computer with No Credit or Bad Credit has never been easier. 

If you've decided to finally get a brand new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or even the new MacBook 12" Electro Finance is here to help. 

Our staff will guarantee you the best service and most MacBook's can be picked up the same day nationwide! 

With two different financing options, Electro Finance can help customers with any Credit. Yes even Bad Credit! 

Check out our two different sites: - This site will give you the best payment plans on the hottest MacBook models such as the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or the New MacBook 12" models if you have No Credit or Bad Credit, it's similar to a traditional Rent to Own Option where you will own the MacBook at the end of the Lease Payments. - This option allows you to finance MacBook's with Lower Monthly Payments as well as 6 and 12 Months Same as Cash Options, you will need established Credit History as well as a 550 and Up Credit Score. 

All of our MacBook's are brand new and can be picked up the same day Nationwide!

Unlike our competitors our MacBook models will come with Apple's standard 1 year warranty and are brand new and sealed.