Viotek - GNV30CBXA Advanced 30-Inch Curved 200Hz Gaming Monitor (HDMI, DisplayPort) - Black



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The ultrawide 1080p (2560x1080p) resolution and cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio lets you see more of the game and take advantage of the much larger FOV (compared to standard 16:9 FHD monitors). The GNV30CBXA delivers faithful, true-life color reproduction, thanks to the upgraded VA panel with its 112% sRGB gamut, 300-nit brightness and 3000:1 contrast ratio. Turn on DCR and watch as colors pop with vibrancyperfect for playing darker, shadow-heavy games. Though the GNV30CBXAs colors are beautiful out the box, images can be adjusted on the fly using display presets (standard, photo, movie, game, FPS, RTS). Or fine-tune the image RGBs to find your perfect color balance. Take advantage of the GNV30CBXA game-winning features and take the lead. AdaptiveSync with low frame-rate compensation (LFC) smooths out fast-paced games, significantly reducing image glitches, tears, ghosting and other distracting visual artifacts. (AdaptiveSync is compatible with FreeSync and G-Sync. Hardware restrictions may still apply.) Get the drop on the bad guys before they get the drop on you by turning on FPS/RTS optimization in the OSD. This brings out the extra detail in darker games, letting you see snipers hiding in the shadow. And with GAMEPLUS crosshairs, youre all but guaranteed a bullseye with every shot. And with the adjustable blue light filter, you can minimize eye fatigue and eyestrain during those marathon sessions. The blue light filter targets just the harmful blue light frequencies while maintaining the color quality and image detail.

Width: 27.63 inches