Yardistry - 10' x 22' Meridian Pergola



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The 10' x 22' Meridian Pergola will add a dramatic new decorative dimension to your outdoor space. This pergola provides enough room underneath for entertaining guests with multiple dining tables, a variety of attractive and comfortable seating arrangements or even a cocktail bar. Its a great way to create a vacation resort like experience right at home. Sturdy, 5.5" by 5.5" posts with classic plinths support this pergola while offering occupants underneath a clear, unobstructed view of the rest of your landscape. Elegantly shaped straight-line gussets support the decorative structure overhead. Its multilevel design with profiled beam and trellis ends creates an eye-catching design that wouldnt be out of place in a Mediterranean resort or a villa in a tropical locale. While its beautiful all itself, you could make it more distinctive and festive by planting creeping vines or flowering plants around it or decorate it with strings of party lights to create an enchanting effect at night. Its constructed out of 100 percent premium exterior grade cedar.