LG - SIGNATURE 29" Laundry Pedestal with Storage Drawer - Black Stainless Steel


Compatible with most 29" LG washers and dryers; elevates your washer or dryer; built-in storage drawer

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Elevate laundry room appliances to a more convenient height with this steel LG SIGNATURE laundry pedestal. The black finish matches perfectly with certain LG washers and dryers for a seamless look, and extra height reduces the need to bend and stoop. This LG SIGNATURE laundry pedestal includes a drawer for added storage in your laundry area.

Width: 29 inches
Height: 13 9/10 inches

  • LG 29" Laundry Pedestal
  • 4 holder clips
  • 18 screws
  • Drawer divider
  • Owners manual