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ElectroFinance is proud to offer accessible lease-to-own and other financing options on all our electronics. With lease-to-own financing, take home what you need now and pay over time. Find out what financing products and services are available in your area today!

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Apply online using your computer or mobile device.

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Rent To Own Electronics

ElectroFinance has easy and affordable financing on lots of electronics that allow you to make monthly payments on popular items like a gaming pc. ElectroFinance provides affordable financing options on all kinds of items even gaming pc financing. Look through are huge inventory of gaming pcs to find the one you want and apply today.

Any prepayment penalties pay will be detailed in your agreement prior to your decision, you’ll have multiple early payoff options. Did you know you can finance gaming pcs at ElectroFinance?

We offer affordable monthly plans buy the electronics and appliances you need. You’ll have lease to own options that may be more attractive than other financing options with competitive interest rates. ElectroFinance provides affordable monthly plans so you can get the items you need today.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees, all the details of your agreement will be provided before you make a decision. Are you looking for gaming setup equipment? We have a huge inventory. Don’t worry about credit qualifications, just apply today. Unsure about a down payment? There are no down payments, only an initial payment is required. ElectroFinance offers lease to own options that may be more attractive than other institutions like comenity capital bank.

Instead of a credit application, start a lease application with affordable monthly plans. You can review your loan amount at any time by accessing your account. You will not affect your credit score by applying to our rent-to-own service. Select your payment option and take home your dream computer or the parts for your custom pc. Any sales tax will be included in your regular payments. ElectroFinance works with different leasing companies offering convenient credit check. We offer a great variety of rates range to accommodate your needs. Is bad credit worrying you?

Apply Online Today

Just, apply today and get an instant decision on your application. ElectroFinance offers many payment options so you can take home today the item you want. Select your preferred financing terms and take home today the electronics that you want.

There are many credit types, but only ElectroFinance has the best lease-to-own options on our website so you can select from hundreds brands.

ElectroFinance has the best financing options to help you get your dream machine like a computer with a powerful amd ryzen. Enter your desired payment method in our easy application process and your payments will be automatically deducted.

We provide easy financing on many top brands, just complete our stress free eligibility check and finance your desired electronics. Monthly payments vary depending on your purchase amount. Select your item the proceed to check for a quick decision. A huge selection of electronics and appliances for you to enjoy today, take your pick and check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyday essentials can quickly add up, that's why we provide multiple payment options available for everyday necessities like ovens, washers & dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, and more. If you’re ordering these items using our service you’ll be able to pick your items up at your local BestBuy and pay convenient payments through financing options that work with your paydays.

From holidays to weddings, baby showers to retirements; gift-giving can get expensive and quickly. We're putting the joy back into gifting by offering all of our amazing customers a fantastic selection of rent to own electronics from your favorite brands. Whether you're looking for Macbook Pro Financing or a new refrigerator we have what you're looking for.

Applying is fast, easy, online, and doesn't affect your credit or credit score. Our lenders ask for information like your SSN, driver's license or other identification, and other information then compare it to consumer databases and data from third party sources, not traditional credit bureaus or a "credit check", to determine your creditworthiness and verify your information.

To apply and see if you are approved for an a maximum lease amount, click here and you'll be prompted to start your lease application. Our website will ask for information such as your name, phone number, email address, address, and other personal details which are submitted directly to the leasing company upon submission of the application.

Once you have submitted your application, you will either be approved or declined to continue with a lease. If you are approved, you will be required to pay a down payment or administrative fee (depending on the lender used).

If you are approved, you will be shown a success page which tells you the Approval ID the lender assigned to you, and the amount you were approved for. You will then be able to pick out items or adjust your cart to be below the maximum approval amount before finishing your contract and order.

If you are declined, you will be shown a decline page which explains the reason you were declined.

If you are approved, you can apply again after completing your first order. If you are approved for another contract, you can order new items but will be required to pay a down payment or administrative fee (depending on the lender) for the new contract.

If you are declined, you must wait 90 days before applying again, unless the reason you are given for your decline is a simple validation error.

If you need help or assistance with placing an order, or an existing order, please contact us through email at or fill out our online contact form.