Swagtron - SK1 Electric Scooter for Kids w/ Kick-Start Motor - Pink



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Parents: Want to give your kids the excitement of an electric scooter but with the control of a kick scooter? Teach your kids to Swagger with the SWAGGER SK1 Kick-to-Start Electric Scooter a cool-looking scooter for kids ages 5 and up. Available in two fun colors: Firetruck Red and Cotton Candy Pink. Kids simply hop on and kick to start the ride. As soon as they reach 3 MPH manually, theyll get an electric boost of speed up to an exhilarating 6.2 MPH.The iron frame provides lasting durability, even with children who play rough. The no-slip, extra-wide deck will support even heavier kids, up to 143 lb. The handlebar can be adjusted as your kids grow, so their SWAGGER will grow with them. And we made sure to make the construction even more kid-friendly by making sure there were no loose or exposed cables young riders to snag on.This is the gift to give when you want your kids to enjoy the electric excitement of an eScooter but with the control of a traditional kick scooter. Smart design. Simple operation. Superior durability. All at a price-point your wallet will appreciate. (All riders, regardless of age, should wear protective gear, including age-appropriate knee pads, elbow pads, and an ASTM-approved helmet while using the SK1.)