SEI Furniture - Electric Media Fireplace for Most Flat-Panel TVs Up to 46" - Mahogany


Lease the SEI Electric Media Fireplace in Mahogany. Product Details: SEI FE9316 , Fits Most Flat Panel TVs Up to 46", Poplar wood, MDF and PB materials, fireplace, collapsible panel, triangular media storage shelves, 2 adjustable shelves and media equipment shelf, cord management hole.

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SEI Electric Media Fireplace (Fits Most Flat Panel TVs Up to 46"): Get excited to showcase your television and entertainment setup when you lease-to-own this electric media fireplace that has a collapsible panel, perfect for functional and versatile placement in a corner or up against a wall. The SEI media centers unique triangular shelves will give you both added storage and display room.

Width: 48 inches
Height: 32.25 inches
Depth: 15 3/4 inches