Arcade1up Pacman 40th Anniversary 10 Games in 1 Full Size Cocktail Table - Multi


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PACMAN, PAC & PAL, PACMAN, SUPER PACMAN, PACMANIA, PACLAND, GALAGA, GALAXIAN, DIG DUG, DIG DUG II; head-to-head gaming table; 29" high with clear cover top

Face your competition literally with the PACMAN 40th Anniversary head-to-head gaming table from Arcade1Up. Bringing you authentic retro gaming experiences in an affordable classic form factor, this Arcade1Up head-to-head is a must-have for your family game room, man cave, or welcome distraction in the office. Standing 29" high, the head-to-head plays and looks amazing. It features a clear cover top to protect from accidental spills. Power up that nostalgia, no matter what your age, as you guide PACMAN through those infamous mazes while evading Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. And when you're ready for a change of pace, this PACMAN table packs in nine additional classic games: PAC & PAL, PACMAN, SUPER PACMAN, PACMANIA, PACLAND, GALAGA, GALAXIAN, DIG DUG, and DIG DUG II, all included. One table, two players, 10 arcade games, much fun. Your table is ready.

Width: 36 inches
Height: 29 inches
Depth: 23 inches

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