Insta360 - ONE RS 360 Degree Video Camera - Black



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For people looking to take their videos and photos to the next level, Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition is a consumer 360 camera that offers unparalleled image quality and creativity in a portable form factor. It enables them to easily capture creative, impossible shots without sacrificing image quality.Featuring two 1-inch CMOS sensors, the 1-Inch 360 Edition captures unbeatable 6K 360 videos and 21MP 360 photos, with minimal noise and maximum clarity. Co-engineered with Leica, the 1-Inch 360 Edition is the first 360 camera developed with Leicas optical and imaging expertise.

  • 1*1-inch 360 Lens
  • 1*ONE RS Core
  • 1*Mounting Bracket for 1-inch Lens
  • 1*Vertical Battery Base for 1-Inch 360 Lens
  • 1*Lens Cap for 1-Inch 360 Lens